Maryaan heroine Parvathy Menon asking – Who is Danush?

At times celebrities face the heat from the media and the cinema fans for making some awkward comments about their costars. Many incidents have occurred where the celebrities target certain colleagues or are misquoted often and get into troubled waters. It might be one such sticky situation for actress Parvathy Menon who has made an awkward comment about his costar Dhanush. For your information, both Parvathy Menon and Dhanush are starring together as the lead actors in the recently released movie Maryan, which is the Barathbala’s first feature film directorial.


Danush and Parvathy Menon, were involved in the promotional campaigns as the movie before it is slated for its release. It is during one of these promotional campaigns, a media personnel asked actress Parvathy Menon whether she made a comeback with Maryan because of the fact that actor Dhanush is starring in it. The actress came up with an awkward reply that made everyone hard to accept it. The Poo actress replied the media personnel that she did not even know who Dhanush was before she signed for Maryan!

While the answer came as a surprise for many media people, the actress further continued answering that she accepted to do this project primarily because of the story and theme of the movie and because of Maryan’s director, Bharatbala. The actress also added that since a big production house like Ascar Films is producing this flick she accepted to play the lead role.

For your information, Parvathi Menon was last seen in the Poo, which fetched her Best Actress Award in the Filmfare Award ceremony. However, that is an old story since the actress did not return to cinema for four years since Poo. Now, she is making a comeback with Maryan!

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Maman Engirukka video Parvathy Menon and Srikanth from Tamil Movie POO

The Vijay Pazhaniappan Exclusive

Many of the Tamil Cinema Fans does not realize Parvathy Menon was heroine for Tamil Movie POO. Since that movie was four years before and there is much difference between Poo parvathy menon Vs Maryan Parvathy Menon. In Maryan she looks very gorgeous, sexy and cute. I am not wondering that Parvathy Menon asked who is Danush? – because she hailed from Gods own country Kerala. Kerala people always be proud.. the problem with Parvathy Menon case it is little over dose.

Final Punch question to you.
If you are in Danush position, the heroine/hero who acted with you now says – Don’t know who are you?
what would be your reaction?




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